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Western Region Single Nudist Newsletter
by Singles, Naturist, and Nudists andMembers ofNude Recreation Associations

For Western Region Singles, Students, Nudists, Naturists, & Members of Clubs Resorts, or Associations or any singles 18 years or older interested in [Non Sexual] Nude Social Recreation.


†† Issue # 2010-01-2006

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†††††††††††Western Single Nudists Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide ďA safe environment within which to meet and socialize with other single nudists. We are not a dating service. We are a Social Group providing support to other Singles interested in the lifestyle. Singles are unmarried and non-cohabiting couples. We encourage acceptance of all members as guests at Singles Events to promote solidarity. Guests will cover their costs while attending functions.

We promote the social nudist lifestyle and the acceptance and equality of Single persons in Nude Recreation Western regions and all nudist and naturist organizations, associations, resorts, clubs and nudists beaches.

Our mission is to show that Singles are just as important, and desirable as all other members.

All prospective members regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, sexual preference, will all be accepted as long as the proper membership and etiquette requirements are met and followed under the rules of their respective group, Resort or Organization.

Our mission is to promote goodwill between Singles and the general membership of AANR & TNS The Naturist Society and affiliated and non-landed clubs & resorts, and all nudist and naturist groups, user groups in the Western region of the United States.



††† †††Featured Eventsof Interest to AANR West Singles


March 2007


3rd - 4th

AANR West Spring Board Meeting
Desert Shadows Inn
Palm Springs, California








July 26-29, 2007
TNS Western Naturist Gathering
Lupin Lodge
Los Gatos, CA





AANR WestSun Single Groups Host Clubs and Links


Click on the logoís below to go to respective AANR West Club or Resort or Sun Singles Group

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Western RegionActivities Coming Up



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Singles Groups at Western Region Clubs



The Laguna Del Solís & Glen Eden Sun Singles groups have been disbanded and not longer exist due to lack of communications, leadership, attendance and members.


Glen Edenís Sun Singles web page hasnít been updated or touched for 3 years & its guest book is full of sex links. The Laguna Del Solís Sun Singles web page was terminated the 4 quarter of 2005.








Western region has Fifty Clubs & Resorts within the western region in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.


The purpose of this Newsletter is to bring singles together that have something in common to share & communicate. We would like you to join our newsletter email list and receive news, events and happenings within the Single nudist user groups external, non landed clubs , andWestern Region Single groups at your Resort or club. Send us you singles news, events, ideas or pictures of your single events, parties gatherings, [with the appropriate photo release] we would be pleased to feature your singles news in this newsletter to share with other singles in the Western region. Send your Email address, and singlesnews, events or questions to:




†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Bartsystems@comcast.net

Featured AANR-West Resort - - Singles Welcome


Laguna Del sol has completed the final phase of new main pool area and deck, large conversation pool, landscaping, and new snack bar. The main building office and lounge has been enlarged and should be complete by years end. Constant improvements, paving, and new RV pull through areaís make Laguna Del Sol the Premier World Class clothes free resort and largest membership resort in California, and a world class destination for nudists, naturists, and families.


Laguna Del Sol is a great location for conventions,

meetings, gatherings, and events, and everything the property, facilities, good services, friendly staff and members have to offer, makes attending a very

memorable experience.

For reservations and information, Call 916 687-6550,

†† Fax 916 687-7860 or Email: Office@lagunadelsol.com

or visit the web site at www.lagunadelsol.com













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